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Working on this project, both the independent and collaborative elements, has been really enjoyable as well as a big learning curve for me. As well as gaining confidence, I have learnt so much about the technical side of things, curating an exhibition and keeping organised. There were a few things about this project which didn’t go so well, but I have learnt from them and I believe this will only benefit me further in the years to come in future projects.

Individual Practice.

In terms of my individual practice, I am really proud of the imagery I produced for this project. To me, it is some of my strongest yet. That isn’t because its technically ‘perfect’ or what most would deem as ‘beautiful’ but because it is personal to me and tells a story, something which I really want to do in my work. It doesn’t just speak to me, but enlightens the audience. I used a full frame nikon dslr, which was different for me as I usually stick to using my Sony. The Nikon I used was the D610 and the lens I used was a Sigma 30mm f1.4. It was good for me to try out a different piece of equipment and I love outcome of the images.

However, I feel as though this project is not finished yet. In the future I would like to continue with this and find a wider range of subjects, younger people, children, people from all different walks of life within the city. I think this would benefit my project by giving further insight to the people of Plymouth.

Exhibition/ Symposium – PLY.MERGE/ PLYMERSION.

One of my favourite parts of this project, was working as a team with my cohort to create an exhibition and plan/ put on a symposium event which I think we should all be proud of. I am glad that I had the confidence to make a big contribution as I learnt a lot doing this. From simply how to paint effectively and use tools such an hammers, to communicating with team members and outside sources. Whenever I had finished a task, I would always discuss what else needed doing with the rest of the team so that nothing was left un done and no one had a big task to do alone. I volunteered to go to a hardware shop to source extra fixtures of hanging out images, came in early on a number of days to assist with setting up and took on extra tasks where possible.

The only comment I would say about the event is that some people weren’t working well as a team as they were either not consulting with the group when they made changed which would effect everyone, or absent from the contribution (this was both physically and in terms of being there but not helping). I tried not to let this effect the whole groups productivity though, and this just taught me how to take on extra responsibilities spontaneously and to not get stressed about that.

Individual project development.

In total, I did about 4 shoots towards this project. The first few, were partly designed towards building my confidence of approaching strangers and asking them if I could take their portraits.

These were the first 4 portraits I took. I particularly like the one of the individual in the Land Rover. He actually let me accompany him in there and showed me the grounds he works on. We had a really interesting conversation and it certainly worked at building my confidence and showing me more of Plymouth.


The next images were taken on a number of different shoots as I just took my camera around with me everywhere and Photographed people I found interesting, lovely, different etc! The locations include Devils Point Cafe, The barbican – sweet shop & antique centre, Nuffield health centre and car park.



When I was thinking about ‘The City’ Project, I instantly knew what I wanted to do.

I have always wanted to photograph the place I am living and particularly the people who live there. This is after discovering years ago, “Humans of New York”.

Humans of New York.

Humans of New York was started in 2010 by Brandon Stanton. He photographs people on the streets of New York (with a view to reaching 10,000) and posts these online with a quote from them. This has also resulted in a book publication.

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 16.50.06Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 16.50.16Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 16.51.08Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 16.51.16

Henri Cartier-Bresson.

One of the earlier street/ documentary photographers is Henri Cartier-Bresson who’s work influences many photographers. The following image ‘FRANCE. Marseille. The Allée du Prado. 1932.’ is one of his most iconic.

He said “I was walking behind this man when all of a sudden he turned around”.


Dorothy Bohm.

Dorothy is another famous Photographer who has been a pioneer in her practice.

“Characterized by emotional receptivity and
an immediacy of vision Bohm’s images reflect a joy and affirmation of life.
The gentleness of Kertesz, the humour of
Doisneau, the subtle irony of Alvarez Bravo
and the basic humanist approach of all,
are ever present in her photographs
and rank her in the same league.”

Nissan Perez,
from text of
Dorothy Bohm Photographs, Israel Museum,1986

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