Participation in & documentation collaborative symposium.

For our Exhibition and Symposium, PLY.MERGE/PLYMERSION I feel that I participated a lot. I wanted to help as much as I could, to relieve some of the stress from those who were taking more of a leadership role and also wanted to gain experience in curating this kind of event and having my own responsibilities within it.

On Tuesday 16th May, along with other members of the team, I helped to carry the large quantity of display boards up to our base room on the second floor from the first floor, gallery space.


On Wednesday 17th May, lots of us arrived at the College first thing in the morning and carried the boards up from storage in our base room on the second floor to the event location (The 4th floor of the Plymouth College of Art building). From there, we prepared the space by moving out large furniture to prevent it from being affected, laid down sheets to decrease the likelihood of getting paint on the floor and began painting the large boards white. Most of the boards needed two layers, so we paired up to paint the boards, lay then to the side to dry and created an effective system to paint them all in a short amount of time and give them time to dry for a few hours. We also filled in the holes made by previous people hanging their work on them.


Once all the boards were painted and dry, the next task was to begin building the boards together and setting them up within the space, following the plan.

Although I couldn’t physically help with this so much as it is not something I am very skilled at, I helped in any way I could. This involved me stepping back to communicate to those building them, if they needed to move them, if there were gaps that needed correcting and if they were even/ in the correct positions. I also held the boards still while they fixed them.


On Thursday 18th May, more of the group were there to help and we began to put the work up on the boards and walls. This was a good group effort, with people pairing/grouping up and putting up work gradually. There were some members of the group who wanted to put up their own work, others that weren’t present so we took that responsibility and others who were just overseeing us putting up their work whilst they did other jobs.


Here is my work, displayed in the exhibition which I put up with the assistance of another team member.


On the day of the Symposium, Friday 19th May, I arrived at the college at 8:30 to ensure that everything was in place. I made sure that any rubbish, nails or belongings from the previous day that didn’t need to be there were moved out of the space.

I was on the curatorial team, so the technical side of things were all decided by the tech team who kept us in the loop. I also wasn’t one of the speaks for the symposium, however I was there to listen to their practices and for the actual thing. I was there to support them and it was really interesting to hear all their different inputs, their stories and new information about Plymouth I hadn’t heard before.

The final part of the Symposium was very exciting for me. We heard via video link from the students in India. I was amazing to see them and hear them, with all the similarities as well as difference they have to us. They showed us all of their individual projects which were beautiful. I loved having this window into a different culture and their varying practices. The differences were the colour palette of the images and their religious beliefs.


We had a few signal issues throughout the connection with India, but that could only be expected when there is such a distance between us. We were able to persevere and overcome this successfully.

The final task was to take down the exhibition, make sure everyone had their work and rearrange the space in the way we had found it. We moved all the boards back down to our base room and returned all other equipment to the ERC. Overall, I am really pleased with how this event turned out. Mostly, we all worked well as a team and co-operated well together. I am very proud of all of us and think this is an excellent way to end our second year of our degree together.




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