A funding proposal.

Project summary.

Plymouth is a city in the South West of England in Devon, known as ‘Britains Ocean City’. It is a vibrant city with an estimated population of 262,685. The name of this Project is ‘People of Plymouth’ and my goal is to photograph Portraits of a wide variety of people in Plymouth with a view to make a book publication and have this exhibited in the city centre. The participants with range from general citizens on the streets of Plymouth, religious leaders, shop owners, and workers in a variety of industries in Plymouth such as Soldiers and fisherman.

Goals and Objectives.

As stated above, my objectives for this project are to photograph the people of plymouth with a conclusion of a book publication and exhibition being held here in the city. I want this project to not only bring awareness to the city of Plymouth and what it is really like here, but also bring people together as a big community. 50% of the profits made from this project will be fed back into the city through charitable organisations and community projects.

Statement of need.

Although this is a flourishing city, there is a lot of poverty here. The money raised through this project will go to community projects such as Camper Obscura and charities such as St Lukes Hospice. There will be an opportunity for these organisations to apply for this. I believe it is very important to support small businesses and charities which are working hands on to benefit the community we live in.

Outcome of project. 

This project will result in the community coming together to make more connections with each other amongst their busy lifestyle but will also support the community and the smaller communities within Plymouth. They will be able to fund projects, purchasing equipment within healthcare, food banks etc. This is my dream for the project.

Budget narrative.

Proposed budget – TOTAL OF £5,000.

Travel costs (for exporting equipment to exhibition space) – £200.

Publication and binding costs – £2000 to create first 100 books.

Design and creation of book (Photoshop & InDesign subscription) – £300.

Camera equipment (to document event and results of funding back into the community) – £1000.

Printing of promotional items – £200.

Rent of exhibition space – £1000.

Refreshments – £150.

Wage for volunteer – £150.


Project time frame – 12 months (Image making, book making and exhibition planning and set up. Proposed date – 1st June 2018.

Thank you for reading my proposal. I look forward to hearing from you and having you on board with this community driven project.


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