There are a number of image makers I looked into when working on this project, some of which I already knew of and others were new discoveries.

Richard Billingham

Billingham created a photo series named “Ray’s a laugh” (2000). These images document life in his family home with his alcoholic Father and Mother and all of the trials he faced there every day. It is extremely honest and real and offers an insight into parts of life which aren’t always photographed.



During my research and investigations into this very personal documentary Photography, I discovered a book created by a previous student here at Plymouth College of Art. It is titled “The Private Life of Victoria Davies” by J.C.D and seems to document the life of the Photographers elderly relative.




Sian Davey

Another Photographer who has been an inspiration to me from the first time I discovered her work over a year ago, is Sian Davey. She documents her relationship with her Daughter Alice who has Downs Syndrome and the family dynamics surrounding them. I think her work is beautiful, honest, raw and touching and speaks to everyone in a different way. She is also currently working on an ongoing project about her step daughter, Martha and her relationship with her throughout her adolescent years.

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 09.51.46aliceweb-43aliceweb-1Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 09.51.59

Don McCullin

McCullin is famous for his long career in Photography, particularly as a Photojournalist. When he was called up for National Service with the Royal Air Force, he took with him his twin reflex Rolleicord camera and photographers is friends and comrades. Although these people were not direct family, they must have became like a sort of dysfunctional family and these images were a window into such hardship but also relationships.

High Alert, Friedrichstrasse Crossing, Berlin 1961 by Don McCullin born 1935don-mccullin-the-guvnors-web



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