Costing & Budget for an exhibition/ symposium.

Total Budget – £386 approx.

£200 – for printing and displaying Banares Hindu University (Varanasi) students work (13 students in total). This budget can also be used for the printing of the event magazine.

£186 – £3 per PCA student (31 students in total).

Friday 28th April – date set for all prints to be handed in. These images were to be framed and ready to be put up, so we could design the space effectively.

Printing costs – individuals responsible for own printing. If student prints their images at the College Print lab, costing is as follows:

Dry Lab Printing

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 21.48.49.png

Wide Format Printing (10″ – 42″)

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 21.51.04Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 21.51.15Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 21.51.26Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 22.01.02

All frames must be black and the sourcing of these was down to individuals choices. I purchased mine in Wilkinsons.

Submitting prints

  • Final images and details of sizing and quantity to be added to google drive for curatorial team to refer to
  • Final image choices to be signed into the cupboard in our base room (2.24)
  • Including frames, images are to be a maximum size of A3
  • Frameless or Black frames only
  • Curatorial team to be informed if any other equipment is needed to display work – plinths, electricity or screens etc.
  • Fixings to be provided by individuals for their own work

Location hire

FREE due to it being held in the college building. A large space on the 4th floor, enough room for both the exhibition and symposium to run alongside each other, with a convenient view of Plymouth and large windows bringing in natural light.

Contributions from cohort.

The £3 per person contributed from each member of our cohort was to go towards drinks/ bisuits and general refreshments for the visitors on the day. As well as this, it is to pay for painting boards and fixings.


Large boards were free of charge, due to borrowing from the college.

The most cost effective paint found cost £20. This was supplied by another student for painting all boards a uniformed white and perfecting any damage/ scuffs on the boards.

Technical equipment (technical team arranged) – all borrowed from college due to the use of the Equipment Resource Centre on the 3rd floor. NO CHARGE. Equipment includes – Microphones, Cameras, Video Cameras, Lighting, Projectors and extension wires.

Confirmed costing for the event

  • £200 for printing and framing work of students from India (frames being used are from previous events and stored in the college). Also to be spent on event Magazines
  • 5 magazines – £10
  • £3 from each PCA student – £96 to be used on paint for boards/ refreshments/ fixings.
  • White Paint – £22
  • Fixings – £8
  • Exhibition space – FREE.
  • Each student paying for their own printing and framing costs.
  • Renting technical equipment from ERC.
  • Boards/ plinths supplied by college.
  • Students setting up and taking down the space to prevent any further costs.



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