Silent Crit.

As part of the critiquing of our work and receiving feedback from the rest of the cohort and programme leaders, I was involved in a silent crit.

This meant that we were put in a small group and we all laid our image selection out on a table. In silence, we all had to look at each others images and take a note of our initial reactions to the images as well as our after thoughts (what do the images mean? what feelings do we get from them?) and following this, we were allowed to voice these to each other but the image maker in question was to remain silent until the end.


I found this whole concept really helpful. Not only did I receive some interesting feedback but I was also able to increase my confidence in speaking in a group and critiquing other work.

When I was listening to the feedback I took a few notes of comments that stood out to me. I was pleased to hear that a couple of people felt a sense of mystery from the imagery as this is subconsciously something I wanted to put across. I wanted viewers to ‘read’ my Grandmother and come up with their own interpretations. I guess that’s what happens when you observe other people you don’t know. There is always a sense of mystery as you wonder if they’re happy, what they’ve been through in their life and how it differs from yours.

They also discussed the ‘timbre’ of my images and how they felt wholesome/ happy. I was also glad about this because I believe my relationship with my Grandma is very wholesome and loving and positive.



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