Project progress

I continued making images towards this project of our daily routines, things we like to do together. I tried to include the monotonous with the more stand out images.


I always kept my camera with me so that it was easy for me to grab it and take a photograph. The above image was of a meal I made for her and left in front of her chair on a tray. We often eat together in the lounge with our dinner on trays. I wanted to capture that and all the underlying facts such as she always likes a glass of juice with her dinner, ‘her’ chair which has the look of being used as the pillows are left with evidence that someone had been there. It is exactly how she left it.

81091112131516The above images are from a walk up to Devils Point, Plymouth. This is just a short walk up the road from my Grandmothers house and is somewhere she is very proud to live by. I have so many memories of going here as a child, swimming in the sea pool, getting ice cream from the cafe and playing football and tennis in the courts. Grandma has many links to this area, from visiting Nazareth house (the retirement home over looking Devils Point), her marriage to my Granddad and their naval links and her history of over 30 years here in Plymouth. She brought up her four children here (amongst other places) and then her 11 grand children, formed her Christian faith, made many lasting friendships and found a career she loved.1718

I also wanted to in some way capture her history in this publication and very conveniently, one day she was going through her extensive amount of boxes and photo albums. These boxes contained photos of her childhood, her children and grandchildren. Many images I had never seen which brought back a lot of memories and we had a really special evening looking through these boxes together. She also had letters from her family including a letter from her Mother which she received 3 days before she passed away.


I wanted to include the above two images. The first is of my Grandma and I when I was very young. It symbolises our relationship then and now. The constant unconditional love and support as well as the fact that my Grandma has always been fun and although she can’t physically do everything she did back then, she still tries and at the age of 87 (following two hip replacements) still plays football with my 7 year old brother!

The next photo is a cut out from a news paper in the 70’s. By chance, she was offered the job at the nursery in a time of uncertainty for her and it became a huge passion for her. She is still in contact with many of her colleagues from these days as well as some of the parents of the children she looked after. She obviously had a big impact in lots of these individuals lives, just like she has in mine.


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