Final Publication

In terms of my final publication, I had an idea in my head of what I wanted it to look like. I wanted to create a photobook which was hard back bound and had a simple leather look cover.

I decided I wanted to find a local business to bound the book so it felt a bit more personal and I could have more control over it. Previously I have used blurb to create a book and it felt almost too easy to do. This time, I visited ‘The Art Side’ in Plymouth and had a discussion with them, looking through sample books and then booked in an appointment. They were happy to help me create the publication I wanted and also were able to emboss the front cover of my book.

In terms of a title, I found it surprisingly easy to come up with one. I knew I wanted it to be something that made the reader thing ‘what does this mean? what is this book about?’ so it wasn’t immediately obvious to everyone what it is about. I also wanted it to be about my Grandma obviously. She is half welsh and spent a lot of her childhood in Wales and her maiden name is very welsh ‘Olwen Morgan’.

I decided to google the Welsh word for Grandma which is ‘Nain’. It felt perfect because it’s simple and intriguing and defines the whole publication well.

It was very simple to do and I was involved for a lot of the process. I sat with the staff and talked him through the order of the images and all the finer details. It only took a few hours for him to make it and I was able to come back a few days later and collect it. It cost around £25 and because I didn’t need shipping, that lowered the cost a lot.

The following images were printed in the publication.



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