Home away from home.

After recreating family photographs, I wanted to experiment further and had an idea when walking to university one morning.

I wanted in some way to be able to show that although I have moved away from my home in Chudleigh, there are still parts of me and my family here. Almost like I have brought them with me. And due to my mum being brought up in Plymouth, and my Grandma still living here it does feel like a home away from home.

I created the images using my iPhone7 camera to show the difference in times. It also felt appropriate as family photographs and ‘snaps’ are often made this way these days.

Contact sheets.



I took a handful of my family photographs out with me and took a photo of them in the area i live in Plymouth. I tried to find similarities in the surroundings, to put this point across. Whether it was colour, texture, materials, earth, water etc.

I’m really pleased with how these images turned out and am much happier with this concept as it feels much stronger to me.


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