I started my individual work for this module, by looking through the extensive family photo albums on a bookshelf in my family home. I put aside images that meant something to me or made me feel something, aiming at images of my immediate family as a starting place for this project. I love the idea of using found photographs in my photography. There’s something fascinating about looking into the past and ‘exploding images’ in that way.


My first shoot involved using the following two images. This is my Mum, when she was pregnant with me in 1995, walking the dog in the fields behind our home. Taken on my Dad’s old film camera.



I wanted to recreate these images, but in a way that showed how much has changed in 22 years. I used my DSLR (Sony α58) to show the change in technology. As well as this, I wanted my Mum to be wearing what she would normally these days on a walk. I also wanted our dogs to be in the second image, as you can just make out our old dog in the old image.



Although I enjoyed making these images, I knew that this wasn’t a strong enough idea for me. I was sure that this was a way to explode images but don’t think the outcome was what I had in mind. I tried to play around with the images in Photoshop by making translucent layers out of the old photographs. I did this by adding the layer and changing is opacity.



I definitely liked these images a lot more. Particularly how it almost looks like my Mum in the layer of new images is looking towards the past. However, I wanted to continue experimenting until I know for sure what I wanted to do.



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