Basic studio – notes.

Aperture – recording in f stops.

1.4 2.0 2.8 4.0 5.6 8.0 11 16 22 32 45 64 90 128

32-128 changes exposure.

Standard aperture – f22, f32

Studio aperture – f45, f64, f128

f/8 is the mid-point aperture (key)

Knowing these numbers allows complete control over exposure.

Foreground and background – build up layers. Change exposures for white or black background.

To create a whiter background increase the aperture by 2 stops. For a darker background lower the aperture by 1 1/2 stops.

If the background is f64, the foreground is likely to be f32. If you only have f22 you can drop the power of the lights therefore dropping f stop of background.

Between each number is 10 lines which make up every number on head of light. Panel has no relevance without light meter. 1.0 is lowest. 5.0 is highest. Four stops of lighting control. If you need it lighter – move light closer.

Attachments can be used such as soft box to create softer light. If you diffuse it the light spreads.

You can bounce light. That requires someone to hold reflector. Could use nd filter (often used for landscapes). this allows you to scientifically  access full stops or half stops.

Tungsten = 2000 – 2500 kelvin (colour temperature). White = hot to blue ambers.. daylight = 6500 kelvin = white light.

Lightning gel – colour correction and colour effect.

Shooting neg colour – daylight balance shot in studio with tungsten light (continuous) – image would be fire orange as it can’t cope – it’s been set at daylight. You can manipulate it to create whatever effect you want.

Arsenal of attachments – snoots, dishes, spill

D lights 200j

Sky port mark II

Sekonic light meter.


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