Artist Research.

Sally Waterman – PastPresent.

Sally waterman.jpg

Sally Waterman’s work focuses on producing photographic and video works that explore memory, place and familial relationships.

The ‘PastPresent’ series of six photographs feature snapshots from the artist’s childhood taken around the family home, where her Mother still lives. Meditating on her past, Waterman re-assesses her family album selecting key vernacular images that capture significant occasions, such as a birthday party on the patio or riding her new bicycle on Christmas Day.

Josh Huxham – 1954.


Josh uses found photography and layering in his photo series ‘1954’.

J. Frede also has a strong interest in memories. This inspired him to make his series ‘fiction landscapes’. He sources old family photos from flea markets and arranges them into new landscapes. He says ‘Arranging these into new landscapes that never existed speaks to the stitching together of human behavior and how we relate to time and the past: How many people have stopped at that rest stop and taken nearly the same photo of the plain hillside? All locking their own associations into the view, first road trip with a new love; last road trip to see grandma; one of many road trips alone.’


When i was doing my research, I came across the following on pinterest. Something that is rising in popularity is the idea of recreating old family photographs. These images often have a lot of humour.


Or, they can be more emotional.




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