Large Format Sinar F1.

Induction notes. 

  • you can only shoot one dark slide at a time. (one dark slide contains two pieces of film).
  • you must build the camera, it comes in different pieces in a box.
  • you can use darkroom paper as a negative, this will give you a one off image that you can not re-create.
  • the ISO is 3, you have to time the exposure yourself.
  • always get the rear and front standard right, the rear standard has a larger knob.
  • 80mm lens – medium format
  • 150mm lens – large format
  • 50mm lens – 35mm
  • scan the negatives in at 2300
  • there is also a 10×8 version of this camera which is bigger.
  • ground glass screen (rear standard)
  • always zero the camera before shooting and before packing away, this means ensuring that everything is on zero.
  • front standard controls the plain of sharp focus.
  • rear standard is where the film plate will be.
  • when booking the camera you do not get a lens, you must book this seperatley.
  • copy bookings from previous bookings to save time.
  • there is a variety of different lenses available for this camera.
  • you must ask for a large format Monfrotto tripod for this camera as it does not use a standard tripod.
  • there is a blue tab on the connect 2 system that leads you to frequently booked with.
  • there are bellows for the camera, you can book extra bellows if needed.
  • bottom first, in at top, inner tabs. (installing the bellows)
  • own a loop, these are not available in the etc but prove to be useful when looking t the images on the camera and on screen.
  • you must ensure that the ground glass screen does not come of the camera during the shoot.
  • book lenses, tripod, dark cloth, dark slide, loop.
  • don’t touch the inside of the ground glass screen.
  • 5×4 dark slides.
  • it is good to have a can of compressed air and a brush on you to clean off the dark slides and lens.
  • white tab on dark slide is unexposed and the black tab is exposed.
  • the white ball on the light meter is incidental, which is a 3D reading of light on a subject.
  • clear on the light meter – reflective – this can be used for light metering landscapes etc.
  • 2 paper, gloss at front and white on white on front (dark slide)
  • mono rail extension – these are available to book for things such as macro work.
  • bottom nobs x2 control making the camera go longer and shorter.

when booking a large format i need to ask for the following:

  • Sinar F1
  • Large Monfrotto Tripod
  • Lens Board with pinhole or 150mm lens.
  • darkslides, quantity depends on amount of film/paper being used.
  • L358 lightmeter seconic, reflective lumagrid.
  • dark cloth.
Sinar F1 in use.



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