Final Evaluation.

Overall, I am very pleased with how this project went. I engaged well with it, and it opened up a new level of creativity for me. Being given a piece of writing meant that I could interpret it in any way I wanted. It taught me how to focus on the feeling of a piece of writing rather than the literal context of it. I enjoyed experimenting and broadening my photography skills. I was able to be far more creative with this project, using a hasselblad camera, sourcing props and learning more about my DSLR camera. As well as this, it was a great opportunity to set up an exhibition to be seen by the public and working alongside the cohort. This is a new experience for me and one that I would like to take forward in the future, it has taught me a lot and built on my team work skills. I was able to speak up and give my ideas which is something i have previously been nervous about doing. I am really pleased with how the exhibition turned out, many people saw our images and we got some idea of what this attention would be like in the working world. We all worked well as a team, meeting deadlines which in turn helped each other. In terms of the indesign spreads, this is something i am very pleased to have had some experience in. I now feel confident that i can work my way around indesign in the future to create any kind of publication i may need for my work.

Although all of this went well and i am pleased with the outcome, there are a few things I would change next time around. For the exhibition, I would like to have the courage to take a more leading role (i think this experience has prepared me for this) so that I can help the team to put their ideas into action. Also, I think in the future I would like to contact the local media to get more coverage for our exhibition. This would help us to get more people through the doors, seeing our work and engaging in the arts and Photography. As well as this, if i was to do this project again i would experiment even more and have more studio time. I would use black out blinds in my house for the author portrait shoot as, even though it was dark outside, i think this would have helped to keep out any other light. I would also like to work on accessing different sitters for my portraits. For this project as well as previously, I have used people I know such as friends and family and I would like to be able to approach people who have the perfect look for the shoot and ask them if they would like to. I think this would make me more confident in the long run and also give me an opportunity to be more professional which would help me in my future work. For indesign, i would like to experiment with it more, to find some unique features of it that I could use to make my publications have some extra about them.



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