External Exhibition – Our Essenscene.

For our exhibition, we used St Saviours Hall, near the barbican as our location. I was part of the curatorial team and worked on the lay out of our exhibition and the logistics of preparing the space and getting all the work up.

This was our floor plan.


We decided to have a TV screen with the author portrait images on a slide show, along with the pieces of writing being read. We lay out the images in order of title, with the actual writing framed beside it. With a section at the back for refreshments on opening and closing night. Each individual had the responsibility of framing their work and sourcing hanging tools for our team to use. The layout of our exhibition was inspired by the ‘salon style’ lay out with a variety of frames of different colours, textures and sizes. We also ensured that all healthy and safety regulations were met, with warnings regarding the radiators and any trip hazards as well as the refreshment stall being manned at all times.


There were two other groups, for advertising and designing. This is the poster that they designed, with all the relevant information on it. We had a facebook, twitter, instagram and weebly account which updated the public on times, location and gave hints of what to expect when they visited.



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