Work experience – Tristan Adams: Devon Wedding Photographer & Videographer.

Tristan Adams is a Photographer from Torquay, Devon. His work is varied and includes weddings, events, pet portraits and promotional videos. The camera he uses is the Nikon D750.

My day of work experience with him was a location shoot for a portrait for his catalogue of work. We had a model already lined up and headed to Torquay beach. I was there to set up his equipment, ensure that spare batteries/ memory cards were available and adjust the models hair, position or clothing if necessary. He also gave me the opportunity to make some images myself, which was a valuable experience as he could guide me through how he would do it but also encourage me on what I was doing.

This work experience has inspired me to experiment in more fashion/ portrait/ location shoots and not just stick to what I think is ‘my type of photography’. Tristan was extremely friendly and patient with me, as I don’t have much experience of professional shoots. He was also very respectful of the model, who he had previously discussed the shoot with and they collaborated together to create their vision. He is very driven and hard working, always looking for new opportunities within Photography and Videography. Although, he mainly works alone, he is open to collaborations and works as a valuable part of a team when necessary. I found the whole day extremely interesting and even though it was only a few hours I think I learnt a lot.



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