For our first small, class based exhibition we decided that we would use our elemental intervention module to create an exhibition around. This meant that we could focus on the curating side of the exhibition as we knew that all of our images would have a common link to each other and we only had a week to prepare for this.

When deciding how we would like to present our images, the obvious option was to arrange them on the wall. However, we were all against this idea as we wanted this exhibition to unique and something that viewers could really interact with. In the end we decided to utilise the table in our lecture room to display the images under a sheet of glass. There were a number of reasons why we did this. The table is made from wood which we consider ‘one of the elements’ so it felt like it had a real connection to the images/ who ethos of the exhibition (we were going to use a white sheet under the images so that we could stand out but after some experimenting, the wooden table seemed to suit the series of images better). As well as this, the table is on wheels in the centre of the room which means that it can be moved around and people can move around it, so from wherever they are they can put their focus on one particular image at a time but also see the other images from a different perspective.

As a whole, I think this exhibition went really well. We all worked well as a team and voiced our opinions and ideas to come up with a unique idea. We managed our time and resources well, remembering to thoroughly clean the table and have the images printed professionally to keep the aesthetic at a high standard. This experience has meant that I now feel far more confident about curating an exhibition in the future and this is something I would definitiely like to be involved in again.


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