Development & Analysis.

The following images show the development of a DSLR camera – the different images I have managed to make using this technology. How it can be treated like a point and shoot or can be controlled more to create more fine art images.


This technology has had a huge impact on the final images I have produced. It has expanded my knowledge of photography and how you achieve certain techniques/ styles of images. At the beginning, I would use the ‘portrait’ setting on the camera, which although was very good at getting a nice looking portrait, didn’t give me much knowledge of how to achieve is as it does it all for you. However, now I am able to put the camera on ‘Manual’ and adjust the ISO, shutter speed and aperture to achieve the depth of field, focus and lighting I want. As well as this, I have learnt more about macro photography and how to produce a successful up close image, detailed image. This technology makes macro photography and many other elements of image making a lot easier. Due to this technology having a preview screen, you can access the images straight away to see if you have got the shot or not. This means that you can keep trying until you see right in front of you that you have had the outcome you wished for, instead of having to get your images developed first and re shoot. Also, I have been able to experiment a lot with shutter speed. Not very long ago, I was unsure how to change the way a moving object such as a swing or water looked in my images. I now feel fully confident that I can capture settings from a variety of different perspectives.

In conclusion, I think this technology has allowed me to expand my knowledge and skills in photography in an easy and step by step way, progressing from using it on the auto setting to fully manual. It has massively improved the quality of my images and given me more opportunities to create images I was previously slightly afraid of doing as I didn’t want to fail. It has also meant that I slowed down the pace of my image making, but really focusing on the camera functions and the outcome that is a result of each function so that I get the result I want. In the future, I would like to take this experimenting further. I hope to upgrade my DSLR soon to something more advanced, try some more photography using controlled lighting (more portraits and still life images). I would also like to experiment some more with post production to improve my photo shop skills but also see if I can achieve similar results to Matthew Brandt’s work.



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