Interview with Dominic Pote.

Dominic Pote is a fine art photographer who ‘paints with light’. Sue Hubbard describes him to use the equipment of a photographer but ‘his eye is that of an expressionist painter and his sensibility one of a poet’.

Interview –

What technology/software/camera equipment do you use?

I use an old 1960s Mamiya Press camera which has been custom adapted with a motor and a gearbox. It’s fairly heavy but achieves the results I want.

What other technologies do you use while out on a shoot?

I use a scanner once the films are processed and then my final, selected negatives are sent away to be drum-scanned so that I get the best quality resolution.

What is your favourite time of day to go out on a shoot?

Sunrise and sunset, when the sun is lowest in the sky and I get the most interesting light.

What is your favourite type of photography?

I guess I have to say landscape, but anything which is revealing and out of the ordinary appeals to me too, photography which reveals beauty and creativity.

Who or what is your inspiration?

Painting when I was younger, travel, journeys, experiences. Impressionist painters. 

Which photographers/ artistic practitioners influenced you? and how?

I was influenced by many painters such as the impressionists and others. I was influenced by artists such as Andy Goldsworthy who attempt to interact directly with the landscape. I was influenced by the German school of photography (Bechers, Gursky, Struth and Ruff) in the sense that studying their work made me want to work in a very different way – much more aesthetic and less focussed on concepts. Perhaps I wanted to show reality not just how it is, but how it feels. These German practitioners wanted to be objective and not to show the presence of the photographer. I wanted to show how it was to be in a place, walking through with a camera. I wanted to reveal the place of the human in the landscape. So that’s how I developed my work.

When did you become interested in photography/ when did you become a photographer?

I graduated in 2000 but was keen on photography for many years before.

Did you do a degree or are you self taught?


Do you have any advice for a photographer starting out?

Be determined, persevere, try to always develop your own work, not just what others want. It’s incredibly competitive so you have to be strong minded, but I think if your heart is in it, you can make it!

Do you have any photography projects that you are doing at the moment? If so what is it about?

At the moment I am taking some time out to move house and generally make some changes in life/work. I hope that in a few months I will get back to my work again!



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