Step by step process of complete publication.

When finalising my publication, I first decided that I would like to use ‘Blurb’ (an online software which allows you to create and publish your book.

Seeing as my course and passion lies in Photography, I chose to make a photobook. I wanted my book to have meaning to it, to challenge ones thinking. This instantly led me to a project I had previously done on Devonport, Plymouth. Devonport is an area with much history but which over time has become what some people call an eyesore. However, currently it is in the process for rebuilding itself and gaining back its reputation. With this in mind, I made a project showing its current state for redevelopment, the parts of devonport still intact and the new parts slowly being introduced. This is why I decided to name it, misunderstood.

Using bookwright (a piece of software which can be downloaded from blurb and is used as a tool to put together your book) I began the creating process.

I chose the ‘small book’ template which is 18x18cm and the final publication ended up at 24 pages. I also chose the imagewrap option as I believe that works well in a photobook. It enables you to use a full bleed image as your cover. I also included a copyright disclosure, to protect my work and a brief summary of what to expect from my book. I designed the layout by choosing what i deemed the most important images and setting them at a full bleed whilst the others were boxed in a portion of the page (one image per page).

Once this was complete and I was happy with the preview, I uploaded the finished piece back onto blurb and sent it off to be printed and sent to me in the post.  Including shipping it cost £28.05.


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