Taste – Value – Judgement

  • Taste as an aesthetic, sociological, economic and anthropological concept refers to a cultural patterns of choice and preference. While taste is often understood as a biological concept, it can also be reasonably studied as a social or cultural phenomenon.
  • Taste is about drawing distinctions between things such as styles, manners, consumer goods and works of art. Social inquiry of taste is about the human ability to judge what is beautiful, good and proper.
  • Taste and consumption are closely linked together; taste as a preference of certain types of clothing, food and other commodities directly affects the consumer choices at the market.

It is often said that taste is related to social divisions within the community. For example, people from different socioeconomic status’ s may have different practices and belongings – thus leading to the idea that they have different tastes.

Aesthetics n 1. the branch of philosophy concerned with the study of the concepts of beauty and taste. 2. the study of the rules and principles of art.

The aura of the original

An original work of art holds so much value. This can be because of the era of time it was created, the creator itself, its life and the different hands that have held it or how it has worn over time. Whatever its condition, no ‘copy’ can have the same value as an original.  For example, the mona lisa. The original mona lisa is known world-wide, but has also been copied and mimicked.


Businesses have used the symbol of the mona lisa to develop and sell merchandise in the style.

It is said by some people, that this mass production of merchandise has decreased the value of the original mona lisa painting as it has made it ‘distasteful’ whereas other people say that it has not taken away from the original value as they still respect and appreciate the beauty of the original.

This proves that everyone has different taste.

Brian Sewell was often very outspoken regarding his opinions, and often slated the general public for their views on art Consequently, he was more known for controversy than art criticism among many. He has issued quotes such as the following regarding public praise for the work of Banksy in Bristol: “The public doesn’t know good from bad. For this city to be guided by the opinion of people who don’t know anything about art is lunacy. It doesn’t matter if they [the public] like it.” He went on to assert that Banksy himself “should have been put down at birth.” Clive Anderson has described him as “a man intent on keeping his Christmas card list nice and short.” Sewell is also known for his disdain for Damien Hirst, describing him as “fucking dreadful”.

This gold backpack (one of four in the world) is available for $1650, by the Billionaire Boys Club it features their trademark diamond dollar pattern, making an excessively expensive item even more over the top.


Taste is a very personal thing and is influenced but peoples background, nurturing, culture and environment. Here is another controversial piece of ‘art’. Terry Richardson took these images of Miley Cyrus. These images shocked the world, as Miley had been known for playing innocent undercover singing sensation Hannah Montana for Disney. She was a huge role model to children and these images made many parents question if they wanted Miley Cyrus to be their childs role model.


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