Representations of the other.

1) Do you feel you have been influenced by a particular celebrity/television programme/film? Are you happy with this influence? Have you thought about how it may have affected your thought processes? Do you consider it to be media manipulation?

I have been influenced by Miranda, a sitcom. I think it has made me think that it is ok to make a fool out of myself, and not to take myself so seriously. I don’t think this is media manipulation and it seems like a positive thing if it is. 

2) Where does responsibility for the dissemination of ideas and ideologies lie? Is there anyone to blame for damaging ones? What are damaging ideologies?

Damaging ideologies could mean racism and other forms of discrimination. The responsibilities in history seems to lie with world leaders such as hitler. Although it isn’t as bad anymore, these ideas seem to spread from people in the public eye.

3) Have you begun to think around ethical considerations in your photographic practice? Would you turn down a particular assignment because of the nature of its theme? Is acting ethically an important factor for you as a photographer?

Acting ethically is a very important factor for me. I would never take a project which goes against what i agree with or that is offensive to some people. 

4) What constitutes a role model?

A role model is someone who others look to as an example. It is normally someone who you want to be like, or whose practice you agree with and look up to.

5) What did you find particularly interesting or provoking in Martina’s lecture?

I found it interesting how fast news/ images and anything in the media spreads these days. How anything someone in the public eye does is under scrutiny and how this can affect the individual themselves as well as their admirers/ fans.


6) How would we have felt if a man undertook Mylie Cyrus’ poses?

Although I would have the same opinion if a man undertook Miley Cyrus’ poses, I don’t think I would be so concerned about it. I would find it distasteful but because of what the media chooses to share, I wouldn’t be so concerned about how people would treat him. Whereas my concerns with Miley are of sexual assault and harassment and exploitation.

7) Who is ‘shaping our brains’?

The media, our family, friends, colleagues, managers, lecturers, religious beliefs.

8) Are ideas of representation of gender and race something you have considered before?

Yes. Equality in gender and race representation is something i think is very important. 

9) What kind of work in the social/political arena is still to be done? Whose rights do we still have to fight for? Can we do that photographically?

I think everyones rights still need to be thought for. Everyone deals with some kind of prejudice, whether that be due to gender, sexual orientation, age, race, mental health etc. I believe this can be done photographically. Photographs throughout history have been able to question people without using words and trigger important responses to question beliefs. 

10) How important is it to gain awareness in terms of visual references that could be construed as racist?

I believe it is very important so as not to offend anyone.

11) Representations of the immigration /asylum seekers?

I think this is very important. Individuals should be allowed to give their permission and see the images and how they are portrayed first. 

12) Are there any areas of discriminatory practices in contemporary society you feel ready to tackle photographically? Why?

Homelessness is something i would like to tackle photographically because i believe there is a huge stigma around this. People look down on rough sleeps and draw false conclusions about them when they don’t know the individual or their story.

“The photograph is a simple, classic portrait, shot with very li^le make-up, and I think it is very beau)ful.” Annie Leibovitz Cyrus is the wholesome 15-year-old star of Disney Channel show Hannah Montana, and is considered to be a role model for young girls. The network was furious about the photoshoot, claiming the young singer and actress was “deliberately manipulated” into posing apparently topless with only a sa)n sheet draped around her. Vanity Fair concedes that the shot was Leibovitz’s idea but insists that Cyrus and her family were happy with it.


In recent years, Miley Cyrus has been portrayed in the media to be a bit of a rebel. From explicit images to sexual music videos, she doesn’t appear to be the innocent young girl the world thought they knew her to be.

It has been said that this is because Miley is fed up of the pressure of being seen as perfect.



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