Form and Shape.

Form is associated with how the subject is shown in an image. It is often said that it is the visual elements that make up an image.

Visual elements include lines, shape, FORM, tone, colour and space.

George Bellows (an american realist painter) said ‘Art strives for form, and hopes for beauty’. However Rodolf Arnheim (German-born author, art and film theorist, and perceptual psychologist) said ‘Form is sometimes considered a mere spice added by the artist to the representation of objects in order to make it pleasurable’

Photography has taken formal elements from the older art forms such as dot, line, shape, light and value, colour, texture, mass, space and volume.

Edward Weston is an obvious example of a Photographer who uses formal elements in his images. ‘Pepper 1930’, ‘Cabbage leaf 1931’ and ‘Nude 1925’ all show line, shape, tone, space and more in a unique way, letting the form of the object speak through the image.

Cabbage Leaf, 1931
Nude, 1925
Pepper, 1930

Any photographer uses form in their work in some way. Peter lik is another example, however he shows form in landscapes. This image shows line, shape, tone, colour and space through the subject he is photographing.

Peter Lik – Drifting shadows.

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