Lesley Lees – I travelled lonely as an empty dream.

‘Alone, I couldn’t smile as I passed through immigration. Maybe that’s why I got pulled aside and taken to a room for a closer inspection. Would they find the immeasurable hollow inside me, or discover my tormented heart – despite everything it kept contracting and pumping blood to the fragmented bits of self I seemed to be. Eventually I was deemed wholesome enough and granted entry into the country. I laid down the dollars and asked for a ticket to match that amount, an open ticket to anywhere, valid for three months. I was on my way to somewhere at last. I smiled as I looked in my bag, for there, next to mine, was your passport, your car keys and your loaded wallet.’

When I first looked at this piece of writing, i had a few ideas come to mind. So to gather my thoughts and prevent any ideas from getting lost, I wrote everything down. From photographic set ups, to phrases, words i thought were relevant and general shoot ideas.


Instead of capturing a literal interpretation of this piece of writing, I wanted to give an essence of the feeling. I get feelings of chaos, dizziness, confusion, upset, a lost person when i read it so tried to portray that in my image.

Here are some examples from my final shoot.

I think these images show that life was moving fast around this person and she had little control of it.

I chose this as my final image as I think this is my strongest image, which presents this idea best. The background is clear and still whilst the slow shutter speed made the swing out of focus, giving the impression of chaos. I also shows loneliness as there is no one in sight in this image.


When researching this idea, I searched for photographers that showed movement in their images. For example, Christopher Martin focuses a lot on motion blur in traffic (focusing on one subject whilst everything around it is moving) Here are a couple of his images –

Although these are similar to the effect I wanted, I specifically wanted the object of focus to be blurred. It was then that I found Camil Tulcan.

I was influenced by these images, and used the effect in my final image.


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