When looking into different technologies and methods used to make images I came across many interesting techniques.

Matthew Brandt takes photos of ‘Lakes and reservoirs‘ (on various cameras including his iPhone) and takes them home with him along with a small collection of water from that lake or reservoir. He then soaks the images once printed, in the liquid and over time the image degrades to leave an abstract effect which almost looks like a filter on the image.

I have also been looking at creative photographers such as Kim Keever and Mark Mawson, who have made images using water and acrylic paint. This results is an abstract, colourful, fluid image which I would love to be able to recreate in my own way.

Long exposure photography is something that has always intrigued me. I’ve only recently started experimenting with it but love the way it softens the water in an image and almost makes it look like a sheet of silk. Paulo Dias have made a lot of long exposure images of landscapes, towns and cities.

Here are some of the photos I took on Dartmoor when practicing with long exposures.



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