Looking back at this project, my series of final images and the research that led up to this, I believe it has a combination of strengths and weaknesses. I think my ideas developed through research and experimentation led to an outcome I am proud of. Practitioners such as Edward Weston and Angela Kelly helped to inspire me and therefore motivate me further.

I often find that when I put my heart into my work I am most pleased with the series of images that are a result. So, when I decided to work in my Grandmothers home, where I have so many memories it made me even more driven in this project. Although I am pleased with the outcome and the concepts I have portrayed through my images, I would like to look more into my Grandmas home in the future and perhaps into the other half of my family. Like, Sarah Michelson I was able to use objects to show the memories and stories behind them. However, taking inspiration from Angela Kelly I would, in the future, like to look at old family documents such as my Grandfathers medals etc that I could research further and make thought provoking images from.

In terms of the formal elements, I believe I was able to use tone, shape, perspective and implied texture. I used shadows to add depth and atmosphere to many of my images and kept a shallow depth of field on close up images, to keep the focus on the object and its shape and textures. I also used leading lines to emphasise the formal qualities.

Something I believe I did well when working on this series of images is taking ethics into consideration. I knew from the beginning that it was important to ensure my Grandma was completely happy with me doing this. Seeing as I was intervening in her space and taking photos of her home, I called her and talked her through everything I was planning on doing and gained her consent. As well as this, once I had taken the photos, I gave her a preview of all the photos I had taken so that she could tell me if she was unhappy with any of them being taken, seen by others and being put online. She gave me her verbal consent.



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