Edward Weston is someone my work has been heavily influenced by. When he first began making images, he began at his Aunts farm in Chicago and in the parks in that area. Later in life, he made images of everyday objects such as shells, peppers, cabbages and other close ups, focusing on their ‘rich textures’ and ‘sculpture-like forms’.

In a similar way, I wanted to capture the form in the objects in my grandmas home, through the line, shape and texture.

I also took inspiration from Paul Outerbridge. Much of his work is ‘still life’ based and when making images in my Grandma’s home the outcome was many still life images. His  images are made up of many different textures, shapes, shadows and are taken from many different perspectives leafing you questioning the semiotics of the images. I hope that my images do this too.


Something I tried to make a feature of this series of images is shadows. Ishiuchi Miyako  made a whole exhibition titled ‘Postwar Shadows’ which not only used the form of shadows to her work but she also entwined her identity through the images therefore making them more personal. This is something I have endeavoured to do with my images. I chose to focus on something personal to me and that I am passionate about to create images that mean something and that I care about.

Sundays at Sea by Angela Kelly is a series of images Angela made using a combination of images of her childhood family albums and letters, maps etc which are associated with migration, home and that album. After her father past away, she inherited his trunk (used when he was in the navy) full of trinkets, uniform, photographs and more. For this series, she recycled family photographs and captured them with objects, and artifacts that show her relationship with her parents and memories. This is very similar to the work i have produced for this project as she has chosen something so close to her heart to create her images. Like I, she focused on memories and feelings.










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