This led me to think about my Grandmother and the memories that I and other members of our family have of her and her home in Stonehouse, Plymouth. She has lived there for 30 years and built her life as we know it there. From ‘her’ chair, her shoes lined up in the hallway to her ornaments from over the years and her make up table. All of these elements of her home have form and meaning.

Before I went to her house to work on this series, I rang her and explained all of what I was planning and asked her if she was ok with this. Because of her being my Grandmother, I didn’t need to do much more than this.

I decided to make images in her house as a statement of the memories it holds. To capture a moment in time where many moments have passed over the years and even though there is not evidence of the memory itself an ornament, room or other object can trigger these memories and act as a portal to a past time.

I intervened in her environment to photograph the aesthetic elements that make up the home but are deeper than just the aesthetic. Some of the intervening included moving objects and adjusting lighting to create well lit photographs but also to show the elements in the correct way.

These pictures are from inside her two bedroom house by the Royal William Yard, Plymouth. I tried to capture the atmosphere in her home whilst also showing formal qualities such as tone, shape, line, perspective, the division of space and implied texture.




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